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Chapman University photos: Taken by me (Noah) in April 2014, as Megan and I visited and planned for our transition to California…

Camera: This photo, taken by me (Noah), shows one of my Men’s Group and research participants, James (a pseudonym), holding his camera. In my work, I argue that James uses the camera as a cultural tool to (re)negotiate his figured world of educational identity. Photo used with James’ permission.

Votive candles: This photo was taken by James, and depicts a shrine dedicated to a neighbor who was killed as a result of street violence. James brought the photo to one of our focus group sessions to represent what he called ‘the trap,’ his term for what he sees as the negative pull of his neighborhood. Following the creation of this term, James and the the other young men created a specialized vocabulary to describe how they work to resist ‘the trap’ to achieve paths of their own choosing. Used with James’ permission.

Young men writing: These young men are members of an early iteration of the Men’s Group program that I founded with the support of colleagues. This photo, which I (Noah) took, shows the young men working on drafts of their educational histories. With these young men’s permission, I used selections from these educational histories to generate rich discussions in focus group sessions with the after-school Men’s Group that was begun the following year. Photo used with permission of the young man whose face is visible.

Mural: The mural in this photo is from the former Student Community Room at Schomburg Satellite Academy, and was created by students in the 1990s. Sadly, this room was lost in Spring 2012 when the school was forced to move to another floor in the building when the decision was made to co-locate a charter school in the same educational complex. Recognizing that charter school issues are anything but simple, and that there are some excellent charter schools, I along with many others have disagreed with NYCDOE’s policy regarding the co-location of charter schools when community input is ignored. To learn more about community reactions to the mandated co-location, you can see a video compilation of responses here.

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photo of Noah: taken by Megan Leigh Golden (Noah’s amazing and supportive partner)

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All photos/images on this page are from Creative Commons.

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All photos/images on this page are from Creative Commons.

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All photos/images on this page are from Creative Commons.

Secondary literacy photo/image credits

The photo was taken by me (Noah), and is a shot of my classroom at the alternative high school in the South Bronx where I spent the majority of my secondary-level teaching career. The image on the page comes from Creative Commons.

Community Partnerships image credit

The image represents the Umoja Network for Young Men, founded by Erik Nolan. Used with permission.